Kratom Clone Propagation & Growing

Kratom Cloning, How to Successfully Root a Cutting, Rooted Plant Steps…

Initial Instructions for Your Kratom Plant:

    1. Do not remove plants from the enclosed atmospheric conditions that it ships in for over 20 min after opening (i.e. the water bottle it ships in which creates the humidity/atmospheric environment). You need to re-create this environment immediately after unwrapping it to avoid shock (which could lead to it’s premature demise), and only after a few days can you very slowly introduce it to the open air (tiny opening per day for circa 1 week is recommended) 
    2. With the aforementioned knowledge, carefully unwrap the clone completely from its encasing (you can leave it in the same pot it shipped in). We ship it inside of a bottle to create a humid environment.
  1. Rooted Plants: After unwrapping, check to see if the soil is moist, you will most likely need to water it after several days of the shipment process.
  2. Non-Rooted Cuttings: You may need to moisten the rockwool cube that it ships inside of & we suggest that you use cloning gel/products for greater efficacy.
    1. Suggestions: 
      1. Use a rooting gel and/or a ‘woody’ rooting hormone powder prior to placing it into your own rockwool cube (or back into the one it ships in).
      2. Use a rooting accelerating nutrient (once you see roots forming, not before) as this can exponentially speed up the process.
  1. Acclimation Process: Place the plant in a clear ‘bin’ (storage bins work perfectly), and open the top once daily for circa 20 min for about a week to let it breathe/avoid mold.
    1. Every other day, instead of closing the lid completely, create a slightly larger & larger opening to slowly allow the plant to acclimate to the new surroundings. Do this ‘very’ slowly as in ½ in – 1-inch increases at a time.
    2. You will know if the process is moving too quickly when the plant starts wilting. If this starts to occur, immediately mist & water (if needed) the plant & close the lid again to start the process of acclimation over.
  2. Temperature/Placement/Light: These plants need humid & warm climates in order to thrive. Keep the bin indoors during cooler weather & outside during warmer/hotter weather. It’s strongly recommended to create a tropical/humid environment as close to 75 degrees Fahrenheit as possible (especially in cooler climates/seasons). If you can’t keep the plant close to natural light – we recommend using grow lights.
  1. Daily: Spray the plant & bin with a mist of clean water to keep the humidity high through the entire process until planted in open air. If you live in a dryer climate – continue to keep the plant humid, regularly.
  1. Watering: only water the plant when the soil is drying (every other day or depending on what the soil requires).
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