Bali Kratom

Balinese Kratom, Red – White – Green Veins & Blends

When researching and evaluating the most popular kratom strains out there it is a given that Bali Kratom will be among those strains. While the strain is named Bali Kratom, the location where it is grown has been a bit of a mystery over the years. But don’t be fooled, there are certainly unique characteristics of ‘Bali Kratom’ strains whether they originated from ‘the island of the Gods” or the next one over.  All of this adds to the allure of this strain and combined with such a high reputation, it is no wonder kratom purveyors keep it as a best-seller year after year.

As with every strain of Mitragyna Speciosa, there are different characteristics that may appeal to some connoisseurs more than others. However, the kratom reportedly from Bali is known to be a very balanced type of strain no matter which vein color it comes in. The quality & popularity of Bali Kratom is among the best. There are three different colors of Bali Kratom to choose from; red, white, and green. Each type offers something unique to those familiar with vein colors (or the best of all worlds via our Bali-Wood blend).

Red Vein Bali

Red Veined Bali is a kratom product that is familiar to most people in the community as one of the top favorites. When specifically comparing it to other daytime inspiring red strains of kratom, our Exclusive Red Vein Bali overshadows most of its competitors. Even the most experienced red kratom buyers will find themselves reclining in the throne of the noble Red Veined Bali strain.

The physical appearance of Red Bali is unique enough that it can be easily identified. The leaf appears fairly thin when compared to others, and the veins are very pronounced. These veins can actually have a pink hue instead of the traditional deep red. This is the main reason why it’s so well matched with mornings and early afternoons. It is a beautiful looking kratom leaf.

The Uniqueness of White Veined Bali

A lot of buyers around the world prefer a white-veined kratom product for the relative dependability of it, however, our Exclusive White Vein Bali Kratom is in a rare class with few other classmates. It does not disappoint, especially for those of us who are appreciative of well-rounded, distinctive & mind-changing ideas of what a white vein kratom strain could be (similar to our White Elephant Kratom).

The leaf itself is fairly pale green with the veins looking very pronounced and strong. The veins are almost the exact same color as the rest of the leaf. It takes on more of an oval shape than the other varieties and will occasionally have ridges along the outside edge.

Green Vein Bali

Green-Veined Bali Kratom is the most well-rounded of the group. Buyers flock to it for the perfect balance of characteristics that the ‘green veins’ usually offer. For buyers who are looking to add a good green strain to their repertoire, Green Bali is a go-to choice. The green-veined Bali has a much glossier finish than the red and white varieties, and that really adds to its allure. Its shape is very similar to the red variety as it is very oblong the leaf ends abruptly at a sharp point.

Bali Kratom Is For Everyone
Regardless of what the consumer is looking for in their kratom purchase, Bali Kratom is worth consideration. With three different varieties offering various characteristics, the years of perfecting cultivation, and rave reviews, Bali Kratom is a top choice of kratom enthusiasts and novices alike.

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