🏷️ Stem & Vein Sale: 15% OFF & Bulk Sizes

Stem & Vein Sale: 15% OFF & Bulk Sizes


Kratom Stem & Vein Sale: 15% OFFHigh Quality Kratom Stem & Vein Powder

Our Stem & Vein is comprised of 100% finely ground Stem and Vein powder.

This product is hailed as a refreshing & resetting agent in relation to kratom leaf tolerance as well as a quitting aid. It is also considered a partial kratom alternative. Basically, stem & vein is separated from the leaves (the soft leaf matter aka the Lamina or Leaf Blade) before grinding. These stems/veins are coarser & require more grinding time, they also yield a different set of alkaloids vs the Leaf Blade (Lamina).




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