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GREEN ELEPHANT: (Non-Rooted Kratom Plant Cuttings)

Green Elephant, Borneo Strain - Live Kratom Cuttings
Green Elephant, Borneo Strain - Live Kratom Cuttings Live Kratom Cuttings - Green Elephant, Borneo StrainLive Kratom Cuttings - Green Elephant, Borneo Strain
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Live Kratom Cuttings – Green Elephant Strain

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Grow Your Own Kratom Trees: Non-Rooted Cuttings

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Our new Green Elephant kratom trees (from Borneo) have exceptionally large leaves, especially for their age. The leaves on this strain are circa 5 to 10 times larger than other strains. Generally, this can be due to it’s age and/or strain-specific characteristics, as is the case with the phenotype of the tree cuttings that we’re offering here at This tree grows very fast, tall and wide (especially when pruned). The leaf colors range from light-green to yellowish-green with vein colors that can range from pure green to a gradation between green, white, yellow and pink. As the tree gets larger and older, these gargantuan Mitragyna Speciosa leaves can resemble an elephant’s ears!

We have Live Kratom cuttings for sale between Spring & Fall. We generally have the following options (not all are available at all times, however): Green Elephant, Red Vein Kali, Rifat Green Malay, Red Vein Thai & BumbleBee strains. Check back often for updates. Cuttings are shipped without roots, it is the customer’s responsibility to root the plant. Rooted Plants are shipped pre-rooted, in a small container ready to be transplanted into your garden. (Please allow up to 2 weeks for the preparation & shipping process for non-rooted kratom Cuttings). Cuttings & Plants range from around 2 – 6 inches, it all depends on the availability of the source trees. Up 2 cuttings can be shipped in one package (additional shipping/handling costs will be applied for anything over). Please read our full Plant Terms & Conditions regarding our policies ‘prior’ to purchase.

Live Kratom Cuttings - Green Elephant, Borneo Strain

*Only available from late Spring to early Fall to non-tropical regions. Availability depends on location of shipping address. These are tropical plants and can easily wither in colder climates even during the shipping process.

Kratom is not FDA approved for human consumption. Our products are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or medical conditions.

Please read our full Plant Terms & Conditions regarding our policies ‘prior’ to purchase.

Note: During season (Spring to Fall) plants sell VERY quickly, we suggest that you sign up for a back-in-stock notification (above). Plants tend to sell out within hours sometimes. Rest assured, we will have many batches available from Spring until Fall, if you miss one batch, there will be another following shortly. Good Luck & Cheers! ~ Kratom Eye

Plant Terms - Important Info

Live Plants are generally shipped between Mondays – Wednesdays. Please allow up to 2 weeks for cuttings to be shipped, plants are shipped between Mondays – Wednesdays, only. is not responsible for cuttings that are not rooted properly by the customer nor rooted plants that perish after 24 hours within customer’s care. We will only exchange cuttings/plants that absolutely did not survive the shipping process (within the United States). It is the customer’s responsibility to research growing techniques. is not responsible for educating the customer on growing tips. It is normal for some leaves to fall off during the shipping process, as long as your stem is healthy you can proceed with the cloning or planting process.

By confirming to understand the ‘terms & conditions’ upon checkout, the customer is agreeing to the following:

• You understand the difference between a ‘cutting’ and a ‘rooted’ plant. Cuttings are not pre-rooted. We can not exchange or refund purchases made in error for plants.
• It is the customer’s responsibility to root the cutting & to research the proper methods in doing so. It is also the customer’s responsibility to research environmental factors that may affect the plant once in their possession.
• possesses no responsibility aside from shipping a cutting in good condition to the customer. is only responsible for the first 24 hours of the plant’s survival. Once in the customer’s care, there are too many variables that are out of our control and thus it’s the customer’s responsibility.
• We will not replace, refund nor exchange plant cuttings that failed to root or withered (died) after 24 hours in the customer’s care after it was received in good condition.
• Refunds & Exchanges: For this to be considered, customer must contact us no later than 24 hours after the cutting was received with pictures clearly illustrating any issues. Customer must email us ( in order to communicate anything related to the plant.
• Instructions: We offer only basic rooting instructions for customer who have purchased a plant, upon inquiry. Overall it is the customer’s responsibility to attain the information needed to clone and grow the plants.
• Experience Recommended: We strongly recommend that the customer has experience with rooting plants and has some level of expertise prior to attempting to root a kratom plant. Kratom plants can be more difficult to root than many other plants. If the customer feels that intimated with this factor in advance (prior to prep and shipment), we can give a full refund via PayPal or a discount for a future order or provide kratom powder for the amount of the cuttings instead.
• Kratom plants do not qualify for Free Shipping.
• Kratom plants can not be shipped via Express Shipping.

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