Horn of Plenty (Horned & Maeng Da Kratom Blend)

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Horn of Plenty (Horned & Maeng Da Kratom Blend):

Fall-inspired kratom blend ( in honor of the Autumnal Harvest aka Thanksgiving).  As the name suggests, Horn of Plenty offers a Cornucopia of some of our greatest Horned and Maeng Da strains (Red VeinsGreen Veins & a splash of White Horn). Some of these strains are available in our shop currently, with the exception of a few excellent specimens that are forthcoming as individual purchase options, soon.

Fall Harvest Festivities have been taking place for time immemorial. Among the countless cultures that celebrated it were the ancient Greeks who dedicated theirs to the goddess of grain aka Demeter. The ancient Romans similarly offered their feasts to Ceres (from which we obtained the word ‘Cereal’ in modern English). From the Far East to the West, numerous civilizations are continuing their descendant versions of these festivals, among them is our Thanksgiving. Whatever we call it today, these festivities are embers that continue to warm us from sparks of long ago. We hope that you can enjoy your festivities with the essence of this historical connection to our shared humanity. Cheers!

While there may be a larger than ever variety of strains available for purchase these days, our exclusives still hold their ground. If you have just started getting interested in kratom (or are a connoisseur), our Maeng Da & Horned Kratom will provide you with the highest quality. There’s certainly a reason for the hype but don’t believe that Maeng Da is the ‘only’ kratom worth researching as there are many other varieties that we carry that are equal in stature if not better…

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Horn of Plenty (Horned & Maeng Da Kratom Blend)


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12 reviews for Horn of Plenty (Horned & Maeng Da Kratom Blend)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  2. Cameron (verified owner)

    I’ve only had this blend twice soo far. So far so good, but you can definitely tell it’s a variety of strains colors in a way that’s a little unsettling but I’m quite sensitive to these things. If you like mixing colors then def give this a try.

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  3. Joe (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried the HoP once so far, but it was a smooth blend, and I’ve been more than happy with all the other KratomEye blends, so I feel confident in giving this the preemptive 5* review.

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  5. Fonetta (verified owner)

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  6. ROBERT (verified owner)

    Great blend of everything.

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  8. Richard B. (verified owner)

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  9. Pamela Campbell (verified owner)


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  10. Joseph (verified owner)

    great everytime.

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  11. Richard B. (verified owner)

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  12. kratomeye (store manager)

    Hi Matt, thanks so much for the review! Horn of Plenty is our new (and only to date) Fall-themed blend that will be available for a limited time until next year. We will ‘release the KRAMPUS’ very soon as we always do in December as part of our Winter promotions! Please check back for that this week.

  13. matt.gruby (verified owner)

    This blend depends on the amount utilized. 2 to 5 grams burned = energy. 5 grams or more in 1 aromatherapy session = good night. The little sample I got with this order called ‘krampus’ was unbelievable. I want more when it becomes available. Thank you for the speedy shipping.

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