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Krampus (Red, White & Green Vein)

Krampus (Red, White & Green Vein Holiday Kratom Blend)
Krampus (Red, White & Green Vein Holiday Kratom Blend) krampus, red, white, green vein holiday/winter kratom blendkrampus, red, white, green vein holiday/winter kratom blendkrampus, red, white, green vein holiday/winter kratom blendkrampus, red, white, green vein holiday/winter kratom blend
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Our Krampus Blend concept is inspired by the warmth & merriment of the Winter Season. This propriety blend combines some of our best Red Veins, White Veins & Green Veins (to go with the theme). This joyous vibe includes such ancient & modern festivities such as Saturnalia, Christmas, Eid, Passover, Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati, Winter Solstice,  Yule & more…

With FULL consideration of the countless celebrations (with a similar essence) that have taken place, in Winter throughout human history…a very enlightening read.

To whatever you celebrate, may the season bring you the togetherness of family & friends as well as letting go of ‘this’ year and bringing a ‘new’ year…Cheers!!!

Traditionally, Krampus is a balancing entity (to that of Santa Claus) as tradition has it in a few Central European countries. You can read more about the traditional concept of Krampus here

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Krampus (Red, White & Green Vein Holiday Kratom Blend)

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1/2 oz (14 grams), 1 Ounce (28 grams), 2 Ounces (56 grams), 3 Ounces (84 grams), 4 Ounces (112 grams), 5 Ounces (140 grams), 6 Ounces (168 grams), 8 Ounces (224 grams), 10 Ounces (280 grams), 12 Ounces (336 grams), 14 Ounces (392 grams), 1/2 kg (500 grams), 1 kg (1000 grams)


Krampus: A warm & cozy seasonal blend. An aroma that is not unlike a fireplace spreading warmth on a cold winter’s night! Only available for the Winter season, get it while you can. A house blend of Red, Green & White strains for your Kratom aromatherapy sessions. Finely Powdered Kratom Leaf.

4 reviews for Krampus (Red, White & Green Vein)

  1. Nancy L.
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is an excellent blend!

  2. Cindy Coty
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Super awesome!

  3. msmarachaykin
    5 out of 5


    I ordered a booty load of incarvellia sinensis to mix with my kratom and was sent a sample.of this Krampus.. first of all, I’ve never had a smoother kratom burn in all my days. Kratom Eye is definitely my new vendor. Krampus has a super sensual aroma when mixed 3g Krampus with 2g incarvellia sinensis. Got that loving feeling☆

  4. matt.gruby
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The first aromatherapy session of the day with this blend is always very aromatic. Great onset . It’s really nice having a vendor in the next city over because of fast shipping.

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