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We can no longer ship to the following STATES:
Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., Wisconsin & Indiana.

We can no longer ship to the following COUNTIES
Sarasota County, FL |  Union County, MS

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Oceanside, CA | San Diego, CA | Jerseyville, IL


Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday / 9 – 5 pm (EST)

Shop Kratom Powder, Tea. Bali, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Red Vein, White Vein

100% Natural, Wild-Harvested or Plantation Grown Plain Leaf Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) from Southeast Asia. No extracts or adulterants! We have been serving some of the best kratom on the Earth since 2013. What sets us apart from many other vendors is the extremely high standard and unwillingness to sacrifice quality for quantity or profit.

Quality, Lab Tested Purity & Excellence. We are about quality over quantity, we may not be the least expensive but we are not the most expensive either as quality costs to produce in purity and excellence.

Purity Control: To ensure clean/pure aromatics & botanicals; our products and/or sources are lab-tested for Biological contaminants & Heavy Metals. We only use laboratories that are based in the United States & are ANAB & ISO-17025 accredited. In addition, we use a multi-stage filtration process (sifting, etc) on all of our kratom prior to making it available for purchase. We double seal all of our products for freshness & keep them dark & dry up until the bags are sealed to order.

Fraud Deterrence: For the customers’ protection (as well as our own), we acutely vet all orders for fraud prior to processing. We have different stages of vetting (determined by each order’s unique variables) including billing vs shipping address scrutiny, phone number look-ups, IP address correlations and blacklist inspections, among others.

All of our products are either  Vein Color and/or Origin-based strains or unique House Blends. Our House Blends are artfully crafted with  precision in order to achieve the most qualitative end-product. We take great pride in our kratom strain & blend choices.

We ship same-day for orders received by our cut-off time: 12:30 pm EST from Monday – Friday. Our customer service email response time is 24 hours or less (usually far, far faster) during our regular business days/hours.


Create Your Own Blend

Another point of interest is that we allow our customers to create their own blends. See for yourself: Create Your Own Blend Now!




Only orders over $65 qualify for alternative payments (non-credit card payments).    Insufficient Funds: Insufficient funds can be treated as declines or we can charge the available portion and require the balance to be paid before completing the processing and shipping the product. If the customer decides that they no longer want the product after the insufficient funds scenario has been brought to their attention, reserves the right to refund all but the transaction fee of 4.5% (reason being is that we do not get this % of money back from our processor if the customer decides to cancel after it has already been charged).




We offer our customers USPS Priority Flat-Rate OR USPS Express shipping. Delivery is typically between 1 – 4 days from purchase date (Holidays & Weekends not included) depending on the option you choose and your distance from South Florida. Do not confuse USPS Express with ‘one day’ or ‘next day’ shipping which is a service from other companies, and not USPS. We try our best to ship all orders placed before 12:30 pm EST between Monday – Friday on the ‘same-day’ (exceptions include 3 day weekends, promotional discount periods, etc). We no longer ship on Saturdays. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 (excluding Live Plants/Cuttings). Shipping Delays: We are not responsible for shipping errors via USPS. We will not refund late shipments due to USPS errors for Priority nor Express Shipping. We will of course replace items lost by the post office, if it hasn’t arrived within 1 week from the proposed arrival date. If the customer’s submitted address is incorrect or undeliverable by USPS, it is the customer’s responsibility to reply to, resend and/or confirm the correct shipping address prior to Kratom Eye shipping the actual order (in order to avoid the package shipping to the wrong address).



Order Tracking

Order Tracking is provided by our Completed Order emails (sent after processing is complete), please keep a lookout for that email. Please note that USPS tracking can take 12 to 24 hours to show actual tracking or progress. Tracking #’s are also available in your My Account page via each specific order. Please log into your account and open the order in question to find it’s relevant tracking #.  USPS also sends tracking emails, for USPS tracking emails: please check your Spam/Junk-mail folders for relevant emails. Please add our relevant email addresses to your ‘contacts’ or ‘favorites’ to ensure they arrive in your inbox. Some email software (GMAIL especially) may need this step for best results.



Live Plants

Live Plants are generally shipped between Mondays – Wednesdays (w/exceptions). Please allow 2-3 weeks for potted plants cuttings to be shipped. is not responsible for cuttings that are not rooted properly by the customer nor rooted plants that perish after 24 hours within customer’s care. We will only exchange cuttings/plants that absolutely did not survive the shipping process (within the United States). It is the customer’s responsibility to research growing techniques. is not responsible for educating the customer on growing tips. It is normal for some leaves to fall off during the shipping process, as long as your stem is healthy you can proceed with the cloning or planting process. Read here for our full terms & conditions regarding plants.



Returns, Exchanges, Order Changes & Cancellations

We offer an exchange on our products as long as the product is returned in it’s original packaging, intact, unopened & in perfect condition. It must meet the criteria to be accepted as a refundable item. We can not exchange/refund any opened packages. We unfortunately cannot refund shipping charges. A restocking fee of 13.5% will be subtracted from the refund/exchange or a lesser value item may be exchanged to cover the restocking process.

Order Changes & Cancellations:

Order Changes & Cancellations:
Order changes and/or cancellation emails must be sent no later than 12 hours prior to our same-day shipping cutoff time (which is 12:30 pm ET). In other words, that would be 12:30 pm ET, 11:30 pm CT, 10:30 pm MT or 9:30 pm PT.

Order Changes: At the very least (as sometimes we can make exceptions for order changes depending on our daily business load and if we catch the emails on time), we can not accept any order changes after the same day cutoff time as we have an ‘up to’ 24 hour window of email response time.



Terms and Conditions / Privacy

mitragyna speciosa

Kratom is not FDA approved for human consumption. Our products are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or medical conditions. We unfortunately cannot refund shipping charges. Transactions are performed in $US Dollars. Your information is kept private and is not given or sold to any third parties. We reserve the right to refuse service for reasons including (but not limited to) fraud (or suspected fraud), abusive/threatening language and attitudes, non-compliance to our policies or governmental compliance or any other reasons that would create a lack of trust and other unpleasantness emanating from the customer, etc.

We do not provide any information on usage. By placing an order with us you confirm your agreement with all of our policies & terms. Buyer also agrees to indemnify & hold harmless the seller to any and all claims, liabilities, or causes of legal actions.

We hope you enjoy our site and our dried leaf powders. Contact Us with any inquires or the like.
Shop Kratom Powder, Bali, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Red Vein, White Vein